Consumers are now in control of their collection accounts

Who would have thought that the help you need to get out of debt would be free? You can get the collection calls to stop and setup payment terms that work for your life if you sign up today.

Digitally Negotiate & Pay Your Bills

Negotiate Terms

YouNegotiate® will walk you through the process of negotiating terms that will work for you with each of your creditors.

Make Offers

If you’re not sure where to start negotiating, or you aren’t finding terms that work for you, you can make an offer to your creditor at any time.

Pay Off in Full

Pay your balance in full today, tomorrow, or whenever you’re ready – 24/7 – and never worry about it again.

Your Digital Negotiator

YouNegotiate® is a free digital negotiation network to help consumers negotiate
payment terms with their creditor

Setup your secure account in minutes

Connect all of your collection accounts that haven’t already been uploaded to the platform.

Digitally work with all of your creditors to pay off your debt on your terms

Manage your payments 24/7 and make adjustments when life happens


What Consumers are saying about YouNegotiate®!

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YouNegotiate® offers a free service to all consumers in order to resolve debts and pay bills in a single place through a simple process that doesn’t require you to speak to a collection agent or a creditor. We believe in the need to fix the consumer debt problem and that our platform is the solution to help consumers understand their personal debt situation and be able to easily make or change payments at any time.

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